Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crisis In The Middle East...And Perhaps In The World

150 missles fired here....200 missiles fired there....When does this all end? The crisis in the Middle East is just another ridiculous issue between religion and territorial dominance. This highly relates to my theory of mankind's necessity for power and wealth. Within the Middle East, we have different "races" fighting each other based on "religious" and "justified" morals. I cannot begin to explain what this means for the rest of the world. We as a human race are under a crisis; The crisis of a possible great war. While all these terrors happen within the world, what do we do? We further help our country's economy. By building up our unique worlds that we live in, we are simply progressing up our demise. The world and its' peoples cannot survive. I see absolutely no way around such an issue. In the end we are destined to either doom or domiance. Some of us strive for a peace, yet in this world, it is highly improbable for people to take up peace. Peace cannot exist with greed. War issues all add up to my question: What is the purpose of life? Why must we continue to gain education in order to have a "successful" life? I assume our current goal is to be able to relax in wealth...Unfortunatly there are people out there who strive for so much more...The kind of person who would do anything to stay in "power." Do we take up arms? Everything we do further damages our human bond, if any. If you think about it, it is a slightly depressing. In the long run it is our goal as humanity to strive and be the greatest and the best, but we need to trample over others to do so.

Yours Truly,

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Purpose of Mankind

The following contains my wild ideas. If you are easily frightened or influenced by opinions, please do not read further:

I have begun to think of the meaning of life (So have millions and billions of other people, I know), but certain thoughts have come to mind:

Humans, as we all know, come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. What is the purpose of this? I've thought about this extensively as of late. Why are humans (a species) separated into different divisions, etc?

My mind has pondered this over and over again, and I begin to feel that the purpose of having multi-cultural humans is not for the intended unity, but for a divide and conquer scenario. History has shown us that humans instinctively believe that different, is in fact, different: When the Europeans dominated most of the world, the "indigenous" peoples were viewed as inferior; Why? Simply because they were different. The Africans were persecuted because of their beliefs and skin color. We as humans attempt to adapt to change, but do not do so well with it.

I begin to believe that we were put on the Earth for a purpose; To reproduce within our own races and as a result annihilate the other races along the way. It is hard to believe, but segregation just ended 40+ years ago. America, a country of diversity, still has many race issues. We as humans can simply not get along with each other. Why do we build our nation's economies? Because in the end, whoever has the most money and the biggest military will conquer the world; even with the help of the inferiors. The class separations in the world are just too broad...If one is on the lower side of the economy, he or she only further help the
upper class become even wealthier. By building up the economy, we are simply preparing ourselves for a Total War. Countries display race barriers and so does religion in many cases. As the world continues to grow, many are driven to learn English in order to become "successful." By developing skills on the exterior of a race, we are creating a tension between societies. These members proceed to become "English", but in fact they are the lowly part of civilization.
The many heinous acts and tensions that plague society mostly come from the Asian Continent. The many middle eastern civilizations highly dislike the Americans because of different ideals. What is the solution to this issue? War of course; In this world the only way to handle change is with violence. War is an inevitability; it can almost never be prevented. It is a simple matter of who is fighting whom. Since the many races of the humans have different cultural ideas and beliefs, we tend to be ignorant to negociations, thus leading to more war.

If we continue on the path we are on, a Total War between all the different peoples of this earth, will definitely arise. I cannot tell you how to prevent it, because like primates (I am not bringing up the idea of creationism at all...Just the mere fact that Humans have a resemblance to primates), humans tend to have territorial tendency; We want land and we are willing to do anything to protect it. Although this conflict might not occur for a few/many generations, it is up to us to prepare for it in the best way we can. This war will end once a supreme race is champion; the question is, Who will that be?

Please feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism, compliments, or thoughts on the matter.
By writing this, I am not necessarily saying it is true and that I deeply believe in it in anyway. It is just an idea that I have thought of over the past month.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to Innovations!

I, Innovator, am proud to present to you my own blog, that will consist of ideas (some highly controversial) and feelings that I experience in my everyday adventures.

I decided to begin this blog because during my life, I think of bold and vast ideas and theories (Some wilder than the others) and I end up forgetting them...So why not post them up to the world?

I welcome those who do have the opportunity to stop by on my site, and I have high anticipations for comments on any of the things that I publish; Hearing from the all of you will lighten up my day!

So please: Feel free to criticize and/or compliment my page!

Yours Truly,